Fitness Office

This is not an attempt to bumfuzzle you with highfalutin fitness theories for office 🙂

Like many others, I had been trying to remain fit. However in the midst of office pressure I was losing shape. And this was happening at an alarming pace.

It was definitely stressing me out. Didn’t like looking at the mirror, the candid photographs were best to be avoided.

Last winter, I went on an all-boys trip to Auli. We were playing around – pushing, dodging each other for most of the time. There were regular treks. Not a single day where we sat throughout the day for long durations.

On return, I definitely felt fitter & was brooding about how I could maintain this relative fitness.

I spend around 10-12 hours at office. Gym – no time… Run – when?…play – with whom?

Office – Could I make it my fitness center? And I gave it a try… Here are some changes that turned out to be fruitful.


  1. Begin with basics & get into a fitness mode – take stairs, do standing meetings, take breaks often…
  2. Minimize al desko – pick your own coffee, don’t use intercom – go & talk to the team, stand & work at times
  3. Team up with likeminded fitness scholars & do exercises at regular intervals ~12 noon & ~4 PM or both. 10-15 min each, suited me. Be playful, contest among each other, try different things collaboratively & slowly stretch your limits. It’s great fun rotating the captain cap daily.
  4. Involve HR & insist if they could gamify it. Organize a different fitness event weekly – like run the stairs, dance, yoga… Get some fitness equipment. Give points to those attending the self-driven fitness sessions daily & put up a scoreboard. Distribute badges to the winners each month 🙂
  5. Connect beyond office – could go for a run or sport as a team some evening…Say once a week – could help as a team outing & bonding session. Team marathon runs are great fun too 🙂


  • None of us have a six pack or a two pack. But we don’t have flab either 🙂
  • The fitness slots at office are usually the happiest moments of the day 🙂
  • There is better bonding with the team (works even better for teetotallers)

I insist, if you have experienced anything similar – do share in the comments.

Stay Hungry. Stay Fit – & create a pack like this 🙂



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