Fitness with Technology

Traditionally, we climbed on the scale, jotted our weight, in other words, manually tracked calories.

Now tracking our steps, workout, calories, sleep, heart rate, stress to name a few has become effortless, fun & even fashionable.

Recent transformations in the fitness industry have opened a plethora of possibilities. Listing down a few:


Medicine – One of the rules medical practitioners are taught is to not trust the patient. The availability of activity tracking data comes handy for the medical fraternity, which they can refer for the patient anytime.

Gamification – Proactive fitness regime builds on motivation. Competing with others as a group or individually nourishes this motivation thirst well. Apps like Fitbit, Fotso etc are spearheading the same.

The gamification of health, it’s social competition has started a movement. The social aspect has initiated a community & harbingered a  social inspirational value & peer support.

Discipline – With technology comes addiction for it 🙂 Like it’s said diamond cuts diamond – tech tools like Pomodoro, activity planners aid us to take breaks at the right/planned intervals & have better daily routines.

Convenience – We could do more relevant exercise at time/place of choice. Thanks to apps like Nike+, Zova, Strava…Technology has made it easy & more personalized. With real-time data customers can see ongoing  & real progress – whether its weight or times on specific sports

Teaming-up – One of the major challenges for a new amateur team sports person in town is… Where to find the teammates? the sports centers would have teams already & who would play with me? With apps like Meetup and Playo it’s easy to find sports partners & keep oneself occupied in playing.

For certain, fixed implants at birth in our bloodstream are coming up to make this tracking even more seamless. This should begin with the more affluent via medical recommendations like the stem cell.

The term ‘wearables’ shall certainly change soon. To what is left to us.

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